Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why I'm excited about this course

What keeps me active in the Episcopal Church is the hope I have in the future of the church. I believe we are at a dynamic changing place in the church and the shift that is happening is exciting and feels organic. I travel often in my job at the Diocese of Iowa, working with formation and communication folks in the Episcopal Church.

All over the church I am hearing that things are changing. We are learning to use technology in new ways, and we are learning to become culturally relevant to a generation of seekers and journeyers. This excites me! What excites me even more is that most of this movement is being led by the belief in the ministry of ALL the baptized. It is not a model of clergy led church, but instead a model of community building and outreach.

The shift I see is at such a critical point because if we don’t learn to communicate better with each other about what is working and what is not working we will miss the shift and soon become irrelevant. There are many times when I hear the same situations and models being explored and the groups that I am working with have no idea that someone across the country is focusing on the same thing. This is good in that I really believe it’s the Holy Spirit at work, but it’s also a challenge because we are soon to burn out when we feel like we are carrying it all on our shoulders.